May 22, 2017

Why Public Safety Should Matter to you

by Laeeka Khan

Public safety professionals ensure safety of a country

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When you’re in your bed at night, sleeping soundly it is easy to forget that there is a world out there that does not sleep. Part of that world is the public safety system at play in your country, making sure that everyone remains relatively stress and worry-free. Believe it or not there are a number of people whose dedicated purpose and portfolio it is to ensure that the streets and buildings are safe and worthy of being inhabited.

With an industry that hinges purely on keeping the peace and survival of the inhabitants of its precincts, you owe it to yourself to also look out for your own wellbeing. If you’re wondering about this industry as a career option and the professionals who inhabit it, read on.

What is Public Safety Management?

In any country, careful thought is given to the safety of its civilians. It is with this in mind that structures are put in place at a governmental level. Service delivery at the level of public safety means that civilians will receive certain essential services such as policing, firefighting services, public health services and so on.

Safety Professionals: Who are they?

Our very own heroes live among us, they are safety professionals who have undergone rigorous safety training to ensure that civilians are safe and sound. Every society in every country around the world has its own protective safety and management systems. But contrary to what you might think it isn’t just the police that have a portfolio within public safety. Public safety is made up of a far greater and more expansive web of people who band together in the name of crime prevention.

  • Emergency professionals
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Emergency crime prevention officers
  • Risk analysts
  • Traffic safety managers and officials

Personal safety Tips

Public Safety and Compassion

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While it is well and good to have disaster and safety management professionals in place we also have to maintain our own personal sense of safety. If we think about it, taking an interest in our own self-care means that we will assist safety professionals in maintaining and upholding the safety of the city and the town.

If you are on foot after dark, try to walk in well-lit areas.
Don’t carry around large sums of money.
If arriving home late at night be vigilant of surroundings as you access your property.
If you are running or jogging make sure that you keep your earphone volume on low so that you know what’s happening around you at all times.
If you are approaching your car, always approach with your key in hand to ensure that you get in and drive off safely.

Workplace Safety Tips

Poster encouraging safety at work

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  • Report any health and safety hazards
  • Sit on comfortable chairs and work at a proper desk setting
  • Take your allocated break to prevent burnout
  • If you work at a job that requires safety gear ensure that you comply with those regulations

When it comes to the workplace there are a number of tips that you will need to take into consideration to ensure workplace safety. Take time to familiarise yourself with the best practices associated with your own work environment. 

Careers to consider

If you are considering a career in public safety it helps to take a little time for reflection. Jobs and roles in this field will best suit people who are sociable, friendly and have a way with people. Patience and a sense of calm are also good qualities to have as you will have to work in high-pressure situations that will need immense presence of mind.

In order for you to get into a career type that best suits you, it helps to take an informed study decision upfront. Study public safety management courses at a well-researched college that you know will provide the credentials that you need for success.

We might not think about it on a daily basis, but the people who keep guard and watch over our cities day and night truly deserve our admiration and appreciation. They are the guardians of our wellbeing and place their lives at risk daily. We owe it to them and ourselves to be aware of our surroundings and our own personal safety and help them to contribute to public safety. 

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