March 19, 2018

Top Qualities to have as a Law Enforcement Officer

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Many can agree that working in the safety and criminal justice sector is not child’s play. Most times, you are faced with life and death situations and have to put your life on the line for the safety of others. It is mentally, emotionally and physically demanding as you are constantly faced with resolving difficult situations.

However, the rewards of building a career as a traffic or police officer allow you to build a prosperous life. To experience this you need to be prepared with the skills and proficiencies to be effective as a law officer. Developing your strengths as a police officer will give you the opportunity to grow in either of these professions.

If you choose to become a police officer, you need to train for the job. Investing in soft skills that police officers should have will empower you to become a respected law officer.

On an educational level, a Traffic and Policing programme will give you the expertise that’s required to function in various roles. With educational value, you get to choose which aspect of law enforcement you want to venture into and use your skills to attract career success.

What Qualities do you need to be a Police Officer? 

You need to have Integrity

Integrity is a quality that makes you accountable for upholding the standards and values of your organisation. As a law professional, you need to be fair to people and carry out your duties with the utmost honour. It is crucial to train yourself to serve people with integrity and impartiality.        

Having integrity will keep you from engaging in any unethical behaviour and maintain integrity in your service.    

You have to be Observant 

As a police or traffic officer, you have to be alert and pay attention to details, more than others. This means being aware of the state of things around you, by picking up warning signs and being able to see the hidden dangers. When you are on the lookout for dodgy activity, you can recognise trouble much earlier, which minimises the potential of danger.         

Being vigilant as a law officer will help you stay ahead in situations and give you more control of events. It helps you do your job effectively and be able to notify your colleagues when you foresee any threats.    

You must be able to Resolve Conflicts 

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As a law enforcement official, you have to be a mediator in different circumstances. You’re the one called in to bring calm in situations, some that are life-threatening. You have to be able to make quick and wise decisions that will protect people and relieve them from danger.  

For example, as a member of the police, you may be dealing with offenders breaking the law and you have to find a way to halt the criminal activity taking place. As a traffic officer, you may also encounter difficult road users who don’t abide by the rules and you have to find a way to enforce the law and restore order.

You have to be Discerning 

When it comes to evading the law, not everyone is capable of being truthful. People can use their emotions and craft stories to cover themselves or the people that may be involved. Therefore as a law officer, you have to be able to detect when people are misleading you.

Although empathy is encouraged in situations, you have to be discerning in how you view what is truthful and what is false. This is looking at the evidence, being perceptive in crimes that are reported to you and have an eagle eye in the crime scenes you come into. 

It may be hard to figure out the true reasons why people may have landed in compromising circumstances. But in every scenario, this is where you have to be impartial and look at all angles and possibilities. Although you may not be the one handing out the judgment, your presentation of a case does influence the consequences. This is your investigation and findings of the reports that have a role in whether justice is served.   

You have to be Adaptable 

A job as a police officer is not a typical 8-5 where you are in the same environment all the time. You have to be able to be flexible with moving around to different locations and different situations.

The job requires you to interact with people and deal with stressful conditions that often require your patience. Adapting to these situations means having physical, mental and emotional strength. These are winning qualities that can equip you for this very demanding, but humanitarian profession.

Your contribution as a law officer can positively impact on law enforcement strategies in the country that promote safety and justice.

When you study a Metropolitan and Traffic policing programme you can choose different career paths such as being a Metropolitan police, a Traffic officer, Traffic inspector or a Municipal law officer.

When you nurture these soft skills, it prepares you for the diverse paths that you can take in the law enforcement field.

If you are looking to become a professional police officer, you can use these qualities to become effective in implementing crime and safety law duties to thrive in your career.

As a Traffic officer, you can use your expertise as well as these skills to elevate road safety and traffic instructions across the country.


About the Author: Khanyie Dlamini  Content Creator at Educor Holdings As a writer in the education sector I am passionate about nurturing people in their careers, wellness and personal growth. I focus on a variety of illuminating topics that are helpful to people’s growth and success. I hope to inspire people to feel motivated to live up to their full potential and know they can have an optimistic and prosperous life. My intention is to contribute to an empowered nation that makes great choices and positive change. Personally I enjoy the world of fashion and keeping up with the trends. I have great interest in digital trends and the impact of social media in today’s world. I enjoy learning from other creative people. I value having purposeful relationships with people who have great visions that align with my own.

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