August 01, 2017

The benefits of distance learning through Lyceum

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To preserve one's mind intact through a modern college education is a test of courage and endurance. - Ayn Rand

Lyceum is a well-recognised and accredited college that has produced some of the most prominent and successful alumni in the industry. The college is committed to providing quality education to better the lives of people and inspire success. From undergraduates to postgraduates, Lyceum facilitates programmes that are highly-acclaimed and in demand to inspire growth and success. There are countless Lyceum alumni success stories that showcase the impact of the empowerment this College offers.

Our graduates become highly successful in their careers and businesses and commend the college for offering them these qualifications. The unique offer that Lyceum has is higher education through distance learning, the ability to exercise flexible learning while you work and pursue other goals. Lyceum Correspondence offers courses that cultivate your skills and will advance your career to the next level.

Lyceum offers a student the convenience of online enrolment and other features through a student portal which saves time. When the student has enrolled online they receive their study package which consists of study material to embark on the course.

Let’s explore the key benefits that Lyceum College offers through its correspondence.

Learn without restrictive class times or disruptions 

The majority of people prefer distance learning because it works around their list of agendas and means they can master both learning and work or activities that consume their day. You can save time and maximise the flexibility that distance learning brings. You can plan and allocate time that is convenient to study and do assignments.

The good thing about correspondence is that you are not limited to attending lectures in order to pass, you have all the information you need to study available to you.

You can still enjoy your social life 

Distance learning affords you the pleasure of having a social life and still afford time to study and work or run a business. With distance learning you don’t need to turn down all invitations and be consumed by work and studies, you can simply adjust your schedule so that you are flexible to still enjoy life to the fullest.

Study support and attention from qualified tutors 

Distance learning may require you to have a plan and be self-disciplined, but it is not entirely impossible. Lyceum has a student support structure available and offers assistance to students that have queries and needs throughout their studies. The Academic advising centre helps students get the best academic sustenance and make the most of their study process. We have qualified tutors that are available to guide students that need attention and better understanding.

Study at your own pace and still earn 

Distance learning gives learners freedom to learn according to the rules that work for them. This means because they are not needed to attend any classes and are not physically required to learn, they are able to continue with their day-time jobs and business functions.

The benefit is that you can make money and earn while you are studying at the same time. This is beneficial in building your career as a qualification without experience is a disadvantage.

Undergraduate Courses to attract success 

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." - Malcolm X

Lyceum offers in-demand courses for undergraduates that you can enroll for part time. As an undergraduate, you can choose a course that will place you in a sector that has the best prospects.

Lyceum is committed to investing in the growth of individuals by empowering them with the best qualifications.

We have abundant testimonials of alumni whose careers have peaked since studying with Lyceum. The success stories range from alumni securing good jobs, graduates moving to managerial positions and people starting their own business. Whatever plan you have for your career you can achieve it through obtaining a further education with Lyceum. 


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