August 01, 2017

One On One with Successful Lyceum Graduate

By Nana Zuke 

As part of our centenary celebrations, we explore the exciting journey of our alumni and the successful paths they have embarked on and journeyed towards. These individuals have taken what they learnt and put it into practice in their current careers. Lyceum is proud to acknowledge these graduates and takes pride in helping to celebrate their success.

Edwin Mashabela is a true testament of excellence. He is a Lyceum graduate who has demonstrated leadership qualities and shown excellent execution in the Fleet Management field.

Managing a fleet of an estimated 8000 vehicles, equipment and plants at the City of Ekurhuleni, Edwin said it is a privilege and an honour to be part of the hundred year legacy.

Although Edwin started as a Vehicle Mechanic, he vividly saw himself as a Fleet Manager. This ambition and hunger led to his decision to study through Lyceum in pursuit of his dream career. Many people go through life dissatisfied with their jobs, never realising their true potential, and never following any of their dreams. Edwin was determined not to give up and pursued his passion in Fleet Management.

“I was already working in the fleet department at the City of Ekurhuleni as a Vehicle Mechanic. I needed to become a manager within the same department, so I decided to widen my horizon by getting a formal qualification,” said Edwin.

As a student, he was encouraged by the unwavering academic support provided by lecturers and the Fleet Management HOD. His fellow students, who were working towards the same goal, investing in themselves and their future, also motivated Edwin. This made studying smoother and created a positive morale on campus which was always contagious.

While Edwin fondly remembers the first day he met his colleagues and lecturers, graduation is by far the highlight of his life.

“One of the most valuable assets I’ve received in my lifetime is my Diploma. It is my hard work that paid off; highlighting this achievement on my profile is a must.  I was on my way toward a brighter future and an exciting career,” said Edwin.

Edwin is currently pursuing his Bcom in Transport and Logistics, the next goal is to either become the HOD of Fleet Management or even the Department of Transport.

Admittedly, the field Edwin works in presents many challenges because of its complexity. However, he has found a way to manoeuvre through these adversities by applying his knowledge and leadership skills learnt at Lyceum.

He also shared his message for Lyceum:

“As your former student, I am very happy to be celebrating the centenary with you. We are well aware and witness to Lyceum College’s glorious past, which has attracted admiration and respect from all concerned. I wish the celebration a success and urge you to continue with the struggle in transforming South African society. The college has been at the forefront of rendering great services to people. I wish and hope that this institution will continue to serve its noble purpose for many years to come,” said Edwin. 

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