August 29, 2017

Lyceum Produces Experts in Finance

Nana Zuke

Accounting is one of the most diverse and in demand career fields for people who have an analytical mind and fascination for numbers. Many organisations across various spectrums need an accountant to provide guidance and solutions related to finance.

A Financial Manager plays a crucial role in any company. They make sure that the organisation is financially secure and strategises on ways to cut costs and save money. They offer support and advice on monetary matters, and approves and manage the flow of finances. It is also their responsibility to keep up to date with the financial markets, activity reports, which assist to forecast incidences that might put the company in financial jeopardy.

James George’s love for numbers led to his decision to pursue a career in accounting. He enrolled towards a Bcomm Financial Management and graduated on 2 September 2013. This was just the beginning of a fruitful career for him in the financial sector.

James is now a Financial Manager in one of the largest higher education institutions in the country. He wanted to study with a college that would give him a university qualification and open a door way towards fulfilling his dream of working in the industry.

“I’m a Finance Manager now because of my degree with Lyceum. It gave me industry recognition,” said James.

He strongly believes that when hard work and discipline are consistent, they become a stepping stone to a progressive and prosperous career. Also, to succeed in such a competitive field requires focus and integrity, James believes that Lyceum provides practical curricular that ensures that when alumni enter the job market, they are adequately equipped to perform their responsibilities.

James is confident that Lyceum will continue to produce quality graduates that are going to go into the different corporate sectors and bridge the unemployment gap, as South Africa needs more educated youth to impact the private and public sectors. James emphasised that what he learnt as a student has sustained him in his career and he has the capacity to deal with challenges that he is facing at work.

According to James, it gives him great pleasure to know that Lyceum is producing future leaders. The college is doing a great job. He shared advice to young people still studying with Lyceum “Fully utilise the courses which are offered at the college. Its qualifications are at university level and are asked for by name.

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