July 27, 2017

Lyceum College: 100 Years of Quality Education

Higher Education Distance Learning College, Lyceum turns 100. With well over 800 000 students over the years, Lyceum has produced a standard of education that is celebrated for its superior quality and dedication, to making a difference over the course of 100 great years. Since its founding 1917, Lyceum remains a wonderful place where distance learning in South Africa can reach an audience that embraces learning.

The name “Lyceum” comes from a Latin rendering of ancient Greek where scholars would converge in a hall for public lectures, discussions, entertainment and ultimately education. With a name like Lyceum, it is no wonder the education institute has stood the test of time.

Lyceum has provided students with the chance to gain theoretical and practical learning opportunities at affordable fees, enhance their career opportunities and make the most of the expert staff who develop the best possible programme to suit the student. Lyceum’s programmes are accredited by the Council of Higher Education (CHE) and registered at the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) ensuring there is always an external body that is committed to approving the quality of education that is being delivered.

A 100-year college is usually marked by a 10 carat diamond which is undoubtedly an expensive gift. But, at Lyceum, providing a marriage between education and its students is priceless. Over the years Lyceum has learned to adapt and change to the needs of its students with creative and innovative methods of delivering education to students in South Africa and internationally.

With 100 years, Lyceum recognises the effect of experience on our students. This is the reason all Lyceum academic staff are working professionals. They practice what they teach and are thus able to educate their students with passion and insight. This plays an important role in affirming Lyceum’s success over its 100 years. Additionally, it continues to create learning programmes for the distance learner that is flexible and provides a clear line of communication between the academic staff and the students.  

100 years is an achievement of note for Lyceum. But, most of all, the achievement that is held in highest regard are the students that Lyceum has produced. Lyceum will host a 100-year anniversary party to celebrate this colossal milestone - so watch this space.

For more information about Lyceum College visit http://www.lyceum.co.za/ or call 012 320 0390.

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