September 01, 2017

Lyceum Alumnus Strives to Lead and Inspire

By Nana Zuke 

“Lyceum exposed me to the challenges and limitations facing global and local business environments. I now have the capacity to make constructive and sound business decisions in my operating activities,”

These are words of Caleb Udoh, one of the many Lyceum alumni who have made a success of themselves and are proud to share their stories about how their qualifications have shaped and positioned them to be key players in the organisations they are working for.

The environment and support structure that Lyceum provided played an essential role in producing the kind of student he is. According to Caleb, he was provided with all the essential tools he needed to get good results in his studies, as a result he graduated with eight distinctions.

“Lyceum created a stimulating quality learning environment for me, that played a key role in my success,” said Caleb.

Caleb studied a BCom Degree in Management with Lyceum and is now working as a Project Manager in a large construction company. His role as a Project Manager includes the overall responsibility for the successful initiation, planning, execution and monitoring as well as the conclusion of a project. This includes assessing the risks that may come with the project and how to better prepare for challenges.

“As a team leader, I maximise the use of my creative leadership skills and corporate communication skills to influence and address issues at my workplace,” said Caleb.

Caleb is not a man short of dreams and ambitions. He adds that his journey in the corporate world has just begun. He has aspirations not just to be a team leader but to climb the ladder into management positions. He wants to one day create opportunities for other people with his management skills. The goal is to inspire and support young Africans in the field.

Caleb is very comfortable in the business environment and can adapt easily to the challenges it brings. He is able to quickly strategise and come up with solutions when he and his team are faced with obstacles. He added that in a fast paced environment, it is very important to always be able to react to different scenarios that could either add value or potentially harm the business.

He shared to future students in celebration of the colleges hundred year celebrations “Continue to create an environment that will promote an equitable society and offer more accessible opportunities to individual development of all its staff,”

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