August 01, 2017

Lyceum Alumnus - An Aspiring Law Enforcement Specialist

By Nana Zuke 

A lot of people from all walks of life pursue different things. It is what makes them happy and gives them a sense of fulfilment. Raymond Ramohlale a Lyceum alumnus is constantly in pursuit of getting more knowledge, particularly in relation to the field he is most passionate about.

Raymond studied a National Diploma in Metropolitan and Traffic Policing with Lyceum, a field he has always wanted to get into. He has always wanted to contribute towards making life simpler and safer for ordinary South Africans.

“My passion has always been to practice law enforcement principles,” said Raymond

He is currently working for Lyceum as a Program Administrator. He also tutors students who are studying traffic science from different departments and other organisations. He adds that even though there are many challenges he is faced with in the workplace like any other employee, communication is the best tool that helps him come up with solutions and a way forward.

Though Raymond is a Lyceum employee now, he still remembers his fondest moment from back when he was a student. The highlight for him was getting the best education from a respected and accredited institution. He knew he had a bright future to look forward to.

Another memory that is sewn into his memory was his graduation where he received an award for being the best student in public safety studies and being the overall top achiever. His hard work and commitment to his studies were finally paying off.

Raymond looks forward to becoming a law enforcement specialist one day. To pave a way for his ultimate goal, he continues to further his studies. He is studying an Advanced Diploma in Metropolitan Policing, a Bachelor of Arts in Disaster and Safety Management and a Baccalaureus Technologiae in Forensic Investigation.

Having been a part of Lyceum’s centennials legacy, he had a special message for the college “I feel so proud to be part of this legacy as one of the best students that Lyceum has produced. My hope is that Lyceum continues to provide people with quality education for many more years to come,” said Raymond.

Adding that students who are currently studying already have a great platform with great tools. He said it is up to them to optimise what they are taught for their own self-enrichment because education is the best weapon to fight for a better future. 

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