July 21, 2017

Key traits of successful Fleet manager

It’s never too late to be who you’ve wanted to be in your profession, you have the power to influence how far you go in your career

We all aspire to have growth and change that inspires success in our careers. Working in the fleet sector, there are always opportunities to grow into a superior position. By increasing your capacity and climbing up the professional ladder.

When you get an education as a fleet manager your level of competence rises. Getting a foundation of education will give you understanding, knowledge and equip you with skills.

What is the role of a Fleet Manager? 

A fleet manager is mainly responsible for selecting and maintaining vehicles within the company. Their role is important and companies, as well as products, rely on the fleet manager to manage the targets of transportation and delivery. Managers in the fleet sector are responsible for overseeing that this takes place efficiently.

The attributes you may expect from a good fleet manager can be described as proactive, innovative and good at delivering fleet solutions. Adapting these skills is crucial to succeeding in this field.

They make good decisions 

Fleet managers should know the company’s business, services and products. They should be good at making effective decisions for best outcomes. They should are able to utilise cost-effective methods and ensure the security of company vehicles. They are able to effectively manage the workload that comes with being a fleet manager. Being a people’s person and having problem-solving skills are vital in achieving this.

They adapt to technology systems 

Fleet managers now use technological devices to make work smoother and increase proficiency. This means being able to use technological techniques to make you more flexible and efficient to your customers. Using tech monitoring tools such as vehicle locations, arrival times will increase the efficiency in your team. It also helps to have basic computer skills like using email etiquette when you send emails and typing skills make a difference in your fleet management.

They have good negotiation skills 

Negotiation is a great skill to have for the best outcomes in the fleet sector. Fleet managers should be able to negotiate with drivers, suppliers and management, this skill should be passed on to drivers so they can work cohesively with suppliers. Negotiation skills will save money, time and solve other problems. This requires you to have patience and good relationships with staff and suppliers.

They work strategically 

Being a strategic thinker is what creates results and ensures targets are met. As a fleet manager, you have to be able to visualise end-goals and see how duties will be carried out. This also means planning for the next phase of success, analysing how you’ve been doing and determining how you will get better. Critical thinking is vital in desiring better results and aspiring to achieve this.

They instill a culture of values in their team 

Training the fleet operation in your team to be inspired by values and work ethic is what will set you up for success. If your team is united and you all support the purpose of what you do, you can achieve amazing results. Alienating your team can make them believe their grievances are overlooked. Whereas great communication and unity with your team will make them believe they are making a difference in the proficiency of that department.

Upskilling to advance your profession in the Fleet Sector 

Through distance-learning, you can work, study and enjoy life at the same time. Many of us aspire to grow in our careers and receive better opportunities in the sectors we are in. It is possible through distance learning and obtaining a qualification that will open those doors.

Being a Fleet manager is possible through the course offering at Lyceum. Lyceum offers you an opportunity to obtain a Diploma in Fleet Management that will make your dreams of being an industry leader a reality. Lyceum has successful alumni that studied through the college.

Graduate success story

The Fleet Management qualification offers growth not only for those looking to begin their careers but also those looking to upskill their careers.  Edwin Mashabela is one such example of a person who wanted to move up in their career. Edwin was already in the fleet sector, working as a vehicle mechanic and wanted to upskill and grow his career. He registered for a Diploma in Fleet Management and completed it conveniently through distance learning.

Edwin has now been promoted to a Manager in the Fleet Company that he works at. As the manager, he controls a fleet size of 8000 vehicles, equipment and plants. There is a range of fleet management accredited qualifications available through Lyceum and the convenience of distance learning.


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