August 08, 2017

Celebrating the Achievements of Women in South Africa: A Profile on Louisa Khalo

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The arrival of Women’s Day in South Africa gives us a chance to celebrate the achievements of some of the nation’s most remarkable women. Sometimes the women in our daily lives are the gems of the people who have hidden away in our very own community, doing their own little bit to contribute to society in a big way. South Africa’s teaching community, in particular, holds many such heart-warming stories of people on the ground who are working tirelessly to improve the lives and circumstances of others.

Remarkable Alumni from the Lyceum World

A remarkable woman, who is making an impactful contribution to society is Louisa Khalo. Louisa is the house mother of the Grade R group at a school for the deaf in Hammanskraal, a small town in Northern Gauteng. After she had taken up her position at the school, she took a greater interest in the personal development of the 6-year-olds and decided to enrol with Lyceum College to study a qualification in Grade R Teaching. With the knowledge that she gained, Louisa was able to offer more to her pupils at this most critical time of their schooling career. Lyceum caught up with Louisa to find out a bit more about her drive and passion for working with children.

Lyceum: What has inspired you to pursue your line of work?

Louisa: I love children. I wanted to make their lives better.  

Lyceum:  How do you add value and influence the lives of the children that you work with?

Louisa: I encourage them to study.

Lyceum: Do you have any words of encouragement for young women or men who would like to follow your career path?

Louisa: They should not doubt themselves. You are never too old to study. It does get difficult to work and study but never give up.

Why do we celebrate National Women’s Day?

So yes, we all know that Women’s day, 09th August, is a public holiday in South Africa. But exactly what is the significance behind it?

National Women’s Day is celebrated in South Africa in order to honour the 20 000 women who marched to the Union Buildings in 1956. At the time, they were protesting the unreasonable and inhumane laws of the country. The laws of the time required Black people in South Africa to carry a pass as a means of segregation and controlled urbanisation.

This march was spearheaded by some of South Africa’s prominent women and stalwarts such as Lilian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph and Frances Baard and many more.

Celebrations for Women’s Month 2017

While Women’s day in South Africa is still remembered and commemorated in the country for its deep socio-political significance, it is also an opportunity to find ways to celebrate women across the land. In recent years women from all walks of life find new, exciting and innovative ways to connect with each other through events that take place throughout the country. If you are planning some events and gatherings here are just some ideas to help you along your way:

Women’s Day Celebration ideas:

Group dance and fitness events such as Zumba
High tea
Motivational talks by prominent females personalities
Self-Development and Self-Improvement Workshops

Whatever you may be doing this Women’s Day, it always helps to bear in mind how far we’ve come as a nation. By celebrating the achievements of other women in our midst, it also serves as a timely reminder for roads that we have yet to explore and the paths that we may still take. Here’s to women! 

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