April 04, 2018

Scope Expansion in the Transport Industry

Image source: Unsplash

By Ashmika Chottu

Does swiftness of the daily buses and taxis intrigue you to want to operate one? What about the powerful presence of a 10-ton truck? And being able to take long drives as part of your daily job? Working in the fast-paced exciting transport industry has endless career opportunities for anyone who has a passion for it.

According to the Entrepreneur Magazine, research indicates that the demand for freight transport will grow in South Africa by between 200% and 250% over the next 15 to 20 years, broadening the scope for people passionate about the transport industry.

From people and animals to goods and services the transport industry is all about moving, storing and supplying. It is one of the most important industries that makes everyday living a convenience. Imagine not being able to commute to work or even the grocery store. There would be no posts or delivered packages, and more importantly how would our country feed our economy without importing and exporting goods?

From operating a one-man van delivery service to managing a complete fleet of vehicles, the industry has many job opportunities within land, air and water transport. Being able to understand this field in its entirety requires passion and knowledge.  

This ever-changing influential industry is an industry that requires people with a fast-paced nature that is able to multi-task and adapt to varying situation. It plays a key role in many sectors many of which cannot operate effectivity without transport. From corporate and construction to finance and food and beverage, people who enjoy working for the transport and fleet service industry is much sought after.

Pursuing a career in transport offers one the opportunity to choose from both the practical and management demands of the industry.

Colleges such as Lyceum, a leading private institution offers a Diploma in Fleet Management. This course is specifically designed to provide you with an analysis of the motor industry, as well as an in-depth understanding of vehicle selection and procurement, maintenance management and relevant systems.

By studying the Diploma in Fleet Management, it will afford you the opportunity to join the industry in one of the following positions, Transport and Logistics management, Fleet Supervisor, Fleet Manager and various positions at car rental agencies, banks among others.

According to Gabriel Thabiso Patula, a Lyceum Fleet Management graduate, he really enjoyed studying at Lyceum. “I am really passionate about the transport industry and enjoy operating vehicles. During the time in which I registered with Lyceum, I was working with vehicles and it was an important requirement for me to pursue a course in managing fleet. The Lyceum course has equipped me with the necessary skills I needed to carry efficiently and effectively. I am grateful to the college.” The passionate Gabriel aims to one day open-up his own trucking and transport business.

You too could follow in the footpath of Gabriel and upskill if you are in the transport industry or alternatively study to work in one of the most-in-demand industries.

For more information on Lyceum and its Diploma in Fleet Management, visit http://www.lyceum.co.za

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