August 29, 2017

Lyceum Produces Experts in Finance

Nana Zuke

Accounting is one of the most diverse and in demand career fields for people who have an analytical mind and fascination for numbers. Many organisations across various spectrums need an accountant to provide guidance and solutions related to finance.

A Financial Manager plays a crucial role in any company. They make sure that the organisation is financially secure and strategises on ways to cut costs and save money. They offer support and advice on monetary matters, and approves and manage the flow of finances. It is also their responsibility to keep up to date with the financial markets, activity reports, which assist to forecast incidences that might put the company in financial jeopardy.

James George’s love for numbers led to his decision to pursue a career in accounting. He enrolled towards a Bcomm Financial Management and graduated on 2 September 2013. This was just the beginning of a fruitful career for him in the financial sector.

James is now a Financial Manager in one of the largest higher education institutions in the country. He wanted to study with a college that would give him a university qualification and open a door way towards fulfilling his dream of working in the industry.

“I’m a Finance Manager now because of my degree with Lyceum. It gave me industry recognition,” said James.

He strongly believes that when hard work and discipline are consistent, they become a stepping stone to a progressive and prosperous career. Also, to succeed in such a competitive field requires focus and integrity, James believes that Lyceum provides practical curricular that ensures that when alumni enter the job market, they are adequately equipped to perform their responsibilities.

James is confident that Lyceum will continue to produce quality graduates that are going to go into the different corporate sectors and bridge the unemployment gap, as South Africa needs more educated youth to impact the private and public sectors. James emphasised that what he learnt as a student has sustained him in his career and he has the capacity to deal with challenges that he is facing at work.

According to James, it gives him great pleasure to know that Lyceum is producing future leaders. The college is doing a great job. He shared advice to young people still studying with Lyceum “Fully utilise the courses which are offered at the college. Its qualifications are at university level and are asked for by name.

To find out more on Bcomm Financial Management and other qualifications offered at Lyceum visit

August 28, 2017

10 Tips to Help you begin your Start-up Business

People meeting and discussing a start-up business

Many of us have a hundred ideas for business that we somehow never end up starting or executing. For whatever reason, we get up close to the proverbial window of our dreams and feel overwhelmed and unable to proceed. The excuses that we give ourselves when it comes to our start-up business are many:

We are too tired

Too busy

Too scared

We have no money

No support structure

Yet in as much as we feed ourselves these excuses, we somehow know at the end of the day that we have cheated ourselves of our dreams. The time has come to put aside the excuses, the feelings of disenfranchisement and helplessness and ask yourself a critical question. How badly do you want to achieve your dream? If deep down in your soul you know that you will be unable to sleep another night without taking some action toward your start-up business idea, here are some tips to help you along the way.

1. Ask yourself why? 

You over there reading this. Yes you! Why do you want to start your business? Do you want to enrich lives? Change the way in which people see the world? Simply sell products that earn a high profit margin? Part of the start-up journey is about being brutally honest with yourself about the motivations that you have about doing what you do.

2. Research 

Take the moment to look at the market. Do the people that you wish to service have a need for the product that you wish to offer? Sometimes preparing for a start-up business might mean that you need to enrol in a management course in order to get you there. Research requires more than just finding out about your market though. You will also need to look at suppliers, products, understand the logistical requirements of a business and so much more.

3. Speak to people who are living your dream 

Nothing helps better than speaking to people who can relate to your dreams and who are more importantly, living your dream. Find those people, speak with them. Get to know who they are and what makes them tick. Get their insights and gain an understanding of their hopes, victories and challenges, as this will inform your own journey.

4. Pay attention to the critics 

No matter what you are doing in life, one thing is certain. There will always be critics and people who pick holes through what you are doing. Some of them are energy vampires and people who will drain you. Others if you pay careful attention, actually have valid and sound advice that can inform and shape what you are trying to build.

5. Don’t focus immediately on money 

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t focus on money at all. However if the only reason that you are starting up a business initiative is because of money, you might want to rethink your motives. Focus first on providing value, fulfilling a need or a service and once people are able to see that you do this, they will willingly pay the prices that you pitch.

6. Mobilise a community on social media 

Long before products are popular and take off, you will find that they have an extensive social media presence before that. In addition to that many start-up companies also engage in online and offline marketing events that serve as a visual showcase for their social media community pages.

7. Be Willing to be Wrong 

So you are super excited that your start-up idea will be the next best thing since sliced bread. But you find that after you’ve put yourself out there, that your idea is not as well-received as you expected. Don’t feel disheartened. Give yourself a pat on the back and go back to the drawing board. Your entrepreneurial spirit can be channelled into other avenues.

8. A Strong Follow-Up Game 

The road to success is built with many bricks, rocks and craters. Many of these obstacles are not easy to overcome and require a lot of inner emotional resources to deal with. Part of dealing with these challenges and obstacles means that you need to have a strong follow up game. Find it in yourself to come back from adversity by engaging in dialogue, picking up difficult tasks, and not giving up hope in the things that you need to get done.

9. Study your Competition 

It doesn’t help to hit the start-up companies’ market blind. If your dream is to open up that cupcake shop, you need to know exactly who your competitors are. What their motivations are, what they are selling, which sectors of the market are yet untapped. This isn’t to say that you wish to steal their ideas, but to also understand how you can provide value in ways that your competitors have yet to offer. This will give you the edge.

10. Persevere 

Many start-up founders at the helm of successful start-ups have endured unimaginable stresses and adversity in order to make it in this world. Although we may see the gloss of success once a start-up founder is successful, we can rest assured that perseverance is a quality that we all need to have if we need to succeed.

The founders of the PayPal service actually first ran at a loss and gave away funds for new users to join their service at $10 each. This may have seemed like a huge loss, but the amount of traffic that they gained, more than made for this.

Pinterest co-founder Ben Silbermann also took intensive action to nurture his first following of 7 000 people to truly understand what they wanted from the site. A move that he feels is responsible for the popularity of his site.

Wherever you may be right now in your life in terms of your own personal development, know this. Your dreams and goals do matter and the start-up business that you want to create can and will materialise if you begin to move toward it. Have the courage to step out of your own way and move toward creating the business of your dreams.

About the Author
Laeeka Khan- Media professional, senior writer and blogger at Educor Holdings.

I blog about matters that relate to education and personal development. I am an out-of-the-box thinker, fascinated with perceptions of the mind’s eye, the power of imagination and creative learning. I am passionate about the human experience, and an avid believer in dialogue, breaking stereotypes, sharing information and the power of the arts. I also appreciate fine coffee and dark chocolate. Join me on this journey of knowledge and exploration.

August 08, 2017

Lyceum’s Louisa Khalo: Enriching the Lives of Grade R Students in South Africa

Ashmika Chottu

“When you educate a man, you educate an individual. When you educate a woman, you educate a nation.” A quote that aptly describes the influence that female education has on a community. With the rise of gender equality in the twenty-first century, women have empowered themselves to make a difference, juggling many roles from being mothers, teachers, caregivers and most importantly breadwinners, among many others.

One such remarkable woman is Louisa Khalo. Louisa is a forty-seven-year-old house mother and Lyceum Grade R student who has dedicated her life to the children of the Dominican School for the Deaf. For the past six years, Louisa has been staying at the school hostel in Hamanskraal to take care of the children’s every need during the course of the week. On the weekends, the children leave to go home to their parents.

Seen is Louisa teaching the children.

Often spending her time with the six-year-old children and finding herself intrigued by their development is what sparked Louisa’s first step into realising her dream and true purpose in life – teaching. Louisa has always been passionate about the ability to make a difference in children’s lives and this is what led her to Lyceum.

She said, “I love spending time with children and being able to teach them new things. For the many years that I am living at the school, I have always been involved in ensuring the children are well-taken care of. I help them have a bath and get ready for school, make their lunches, help with homework and dedicate time to play with them. Now, however, I would love to be able to teach them more.”

Seen is Louisa playing with the children on the playground

Senior Lecturer of the Lyceum Education Faculty, Helen Dempsey who got the privilege to work with the admirable Louisa, said “Louisa does not only care about the children’s safety and well-being, but she respects the uniqueness of her children and decided to get involved with their learning and development. It is when she took the interest and initiative to start a teaching career with Lyceum College by enrolling for the Grade R Diploma. She wanted to create and develop new learning experiences by engaging, motivating and challenging her grade R learners.”

The determined Louisa is currently completing her first year of the Grade R Teaching Diploma and expresses that she has already learnt so much thus far. “I enjoy studying at Lyceum. I have learnt a lot so far and the staff are helpful. It is not easy to work and study but Lyceum makes it easy for those who are working.  I fit my study time after the children go to bed and on weekends.”

Helen added, “We are a team of academics with both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the Grade R classroom environment.  This enables us to impart these skills to our students.  Louisa fits in well at our Lyceum family, together with her humble personality and a good base of knowledge.”

The dedicated and hard-working Louisa would love to share a message to motivate working all over “It is never too late to start studying. It is difficult to work and study but you must continue. Never give up on your dreams.”

For more information on Lyceum log on to

August 08, 2017

Celebrating the Phenomenal Spirit of South African Women in Business

Imager source:

We’ve come a long way from the archaic perception that women belong barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. It goes without saying that women bring immense value, specialised skills and their intrinsic nature to all aspects of life, including business. For many, this is a hard-won right and it something that is still evolving and changing over the years. Women’s rights are very closely connected with Human rights and this is something that we would do well not to forget. South African women in business, in particular, are making strides in every avenue and sphere possible.

If we look carefully, the current day business environment is crying out for the sensibilities that are inherent in women. There was a phase where if you were a woman in business, you were expected to jostle for space in a so-called ‘man’s world. This meant becoming cut-throat and a tough, no-nonsense exterior. This kind of thinking is fast becoming obsolete. Now more than ever powerful and influential women in business are tapping into their nurturing capabilities, emotional intelligence and healing energies as they approach the business world.

Here’s a quick look at the collective spirit of some of South Africa’s phenomenal women in the business world and the ways in which they have touched our lives. 

Joanne Strauss- South African Model, Public Speaker and Businesswoman 

Joanne Strauss - South African Model and Public Speaker

Claim to Fame:

Joanne Strauss is a powerhouse of a woman who has made strides in the media space. She first truly came into the public eye as Miss South Africa in 2001. She has since grown to become one of South Africa’s prominent media and television personalities. South Africans have come to know and love her through her magnetic presence on Top Billing, Pasella and for having been on the covers of some of South Africa’s top magazines. Joanne’s career truly displays diversity in that she has acted, produced, MC’ed and gone on to work with organisations such as UNICEF and Stop Hunger Now.

Why she is so amazing:

Joanne harnesses the power of resilience and effortless grace by juggling her professional life with her personal life and finding the value in each.  She is a force for change and progress in every aspect of her life. 

Rapelang Rabana- Entrepreneur, International Speaker and Thought Leader 

Entrepreneur- Rapelang Rabana

Claim to Fame:

Rapelang’s life story is a true testament to the world’s move toward technological and digital enhancement. She began her journey by founding Yeigo Communications, which was one of South Africa’s first free VoIP mobile services providers. She eventually went on to form Rekindle Learning which aims to introduce the concept of mobile learning and innovation to people.

Further than that she has been listed on Oprah Magazine’s O Power List and Forbes ‘30 under 30’ list for best entrepreneurs of Africa and featured on the cover of Forbes Africa. She is both a computer scientist and an entrepreneur and a true thought leader in learning technology, entrepreneurship and self-discovery. When she is not conquering in the technological space, she is a humanitarian whose main cause is to reduce illiteracy around the world.

Why she is so amazing: 

Rapelang is making strides in an area that is new, innovative and exciting and opening the doorway for more people to innovate in that space. 

Basetsana Kumalo – Social Entrepreneur, Business Woman and Philanthropist 

Image source:  

Claim to Fame:

Bassie, as she is as most lovingly known by many South Africans, is a mover and shaker who has made a huge impact on society. She first emerged into the public eye as Miss South Africa in 1990 at the tender age of 16. Through her career following that, she had many business interests to her name. She truly gives meaning to the phrase multi-dimensional. She is known primarily for her entrepreneurial endeavours in the media, mining, technology and property fields and also for being a great philanthropist. Together with her husband Romeo Khumalo she is the owner of the Romeo and Basetsana Kumalo Family Foundation. Within this space they work with children who have been orphaned by AIDS or related diseases.

Bassie is also known for being a media owner. She owns Tswelopele Productions which is a TV production company famous for producing Top Billing, Pasella and Ses’Khona.

Why she is amazing:

Bassie has emerged from humble beginnings and made strides in her own life. From making and selling sandwiches to assist her family financially to managing multiple business interests and a family, she truly is made of star material.

Khanyie Dhlomo- South African TV Host and CEO of Ndalo Media and Ndalo Luxury Ventures 

Image source:  

Claim to Fame:

It was a very unique and interesting moment that catapulted Khanyie Dlomo to the spotlight. At the tender age of 20, she became the very first black newscaster in South Africa for SABC1. People all around the country tuned in with avid interest to see history being made. Although she enjoyed her journey on TV and all of the fanfare that she experienced, she really wanted to get into the print media space. She eventually got her break as a fashion and beauty assistant at True Love magazine. While this was a foot through the door, it was also not exactly what she anticipated, but she stayed the course and saw it through. She finally had her break to become the editor of the magazine at the age of 22 and that went phenomenally. She ended up doubling the readership of the publication before heading off to study at Harvard University and qualifying with her MBA. Quite serendipitously, while she was studying abroad she met with the chairman of Conde Nast International and brought back ideas and insight which helped her to form her next two publications Destiny Magazine and Destiny Man. Her biggest achievement to date has been forming Ndalo Media  (her own media company) which has recently had the honourable coup of acquiring Elle and Elle Decoration media brands.

Why she is amazing:

Khanyi will always be immortalised in our minds as one of the most iconic contributors to the South African media space. She entered the industry at a pivotal moment and is deepening her effect and presence in media at an international level.

Devi Sankaree Govender- Award-winning Investigative Television Journalist 

Image source:

Claim to Fame: 

Devi, as people know her began her career in the media and journalism field at the age of 21. She first entered the industry as a freelancer on SABC radio. Her potential was recognised and she moved onto presenting shows, news reading and eventually became a talk show host on Lotus FM for a show called ‘Viewpoint’. She then left the field for a while to pursue a career in education but was offered the option to return as a current affairs anchor.

Devi has always had a nose for news and investigative journalism. Although she has sometimes courted controversy, she has also had some outstanding interviews with prominent people such as the late President Nelson Mandela, Lionel Richie, Quincy Jones and others.

Beyond her radio career, she has also appeared on TV on the Eastern Mosaic show (SABC1), been a columnist for the Sunday Times and co-presented on the Carte Blanche show on MNET.

Why she is amazing:

Devi is one of the few ladies out there who is able to walk the talk when it comes to the media industry. Her tenacious spirit and ability to get to the bottom of a story gives her a unique and refreshingly authentic edge.

Feel inspired by this amazing Maya Angelou poem!

Phenomenal Woman


Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. 

I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size   

But when I start to tell them, 

They think I’m telling lies. 

I say, 

It’s in the reach of my arms, 

The span of my hips,   

The stride of my step,   

The curl of my lips.   

I’m a woman 


Phenomenal woman,   

That’s me. 

I walk into a room 

Just as cool as you please,   

And to a man, 

The fellows stand or 

Fall down on their knees.   

Then they swarm around me, 

A hive of honey bees.   

I say, 

It’s the fire in my eyes,   

And the flash of my teeth,   

The swing in my waist,   

And the joy in my feet.   

I’m a woman 


Phenomenal woman, 

That’s me. 


Men themselves have wondered   

What they see in me. 

They try so much 

But they can’t touch 

My inner mystery. 

When I try to show them,   

They say they still can’t see.   

I say, 

It’s in the arch of my back,   

The sun of my smile, 

The ride of my breasts, 

The grace of my style. 

I’m a woman 


Phenomenal woman, 

That’s me. 


Now you understand 

Just why my head’s not bowed.   

I don’t shout or jump about 

Or have to talk real loud.   

When you see me passing, 

It ought to make you proud. 

I say, 

It’s in the click of my heels,   

The bend of my hair,   

the palm of my hand,   

The need for my care.   

’Cause I’m a woman 


Phenomenal woman, 

That’s me.


Celebrate the phenomenal women of this world and in your life!

About the Author
Laeeka Khan- Media professional, senior writer and blogger at Educor Holdings.

I blog about matters that relate to education and personal development. I am an out-of-the-box thinker, fascinated with perceptions of the mind’s eye, the power of imagination and creative learning. I am passionate about the human experience, and an avid believer in dialogue, breaking stereotypes, sharing information and the power of the arts. I also appreciate fine coffee and dark chocolate. Join me on this journey of knowledge and exploration.

August 08, 2017

Celebrating the Achievements of Women in South Africa: A Profile on Louisa Khalo

Gender equality displayed through gender symbols

Image source:

The arrival of Women’s Day in South Africa gives us a chance to celebrate the achievements of some of the nation’s most remarkable women. Sometimes the women in our daily lives are the gems of the people who have hidden away in our very own community, doing their own little bit to contribute to society in a big way. South Africa’s teaching community, in particular, holds many such heart-warming stories of people on the ground who are working tirelessly to improve the lives and circumstances of others.

Remarkable Alumni from the Lyceum World

A remarkable woman, who is making an impactful contribution to society is Louisa Khalo. Louisa is the house mother of the Grade R group at a school for the deaf in Hammanskraal, a small town in Northern Gauteng. After she had taken up her position at the school, she took a greater interest in the personal development of the 6-year-olds and decided to enrol with Lyceum College to study a qualification in Grade R Teaching. With the knowledge that she gained, Louisa was able to offer more to her pupils at this most critical time of their schooling career. Lyceum caught up with Louisa to find out a bit more about her drive and passion for working with children.

Lyceum: What has inspired you to pursue your line of work?

Louisa: I love children. I wanted to make their lives better.  

Lyceum:  How do you add value and influence the lives of the children that you work with?

Louisa: I encourage them to study.

Lyceum: Do you have any words of encouragement for young women or men who would like to follow your career path?

Louisa: They should not doubt themselves. You are never too old to study. It does get difficult to work and study but never give up.

Why do we celebrate National Women’s Day?

So yes, we all know that Women’s day, 09th August, is a public holiday in South Africa. But exactly what is the significance behind it?

National Women’s Day is celebrated in South Africa in order to honour the 20 000 women who marched to the Union Buildings in 1956. At the time, they were protesting the unreasonable and inhumane laws of the country. The laws of the time required Black people in South Africa to carry a pass as a means of segregation and controlled urbanisation.

This march was spearheaded by some of South Africa’s prominent women and stalwarts such as Lilian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph and Frances Baard and many more.

Celebrations for Women’s Month 2017

While Women’s day in South Africa is still remembered and commemorated in the country for its deep socio-political significance, it is also an opportunity to find ways to celebrate women across the land. In recent years women from all walks of life find new, exciting and innovative ways to connect with each other through events that take place throughout the country. If you are planning some events and gatherings here are just some ideas to help you along your way:

Women’s Day Celebration ideas:

Group dance and fitness events such as Zumba
High tea
Motivational talks by prominent females personalities
Self-Development and Self-Improvement Workshops

Whatever you may be doing this Women’s Day, it always helps to bear in mind how far we’ve come as a nation. By celebrating the achievements of other women in our midst, it also serves as a timely reminder for roads that we have yet to explore and the paths that we may still take. Here’s to women! 

About the Author
Laeeka Khan- Media professional, senior writer and blogger at Educor Holdings.

I blog about matters that relate to education and personal development. I am an out-of-the-box thinker, fascinated with perceptions of the mind’s eye, the power of imagination and creative learning. I am passionate about the human experience, and an avid believer in dialogue, breaking stereotypes, sharing information and the power of the arts. I also appreciate fine coffee and dark chocolate. Join me on this journey of knowledge and exploration.

August 01, 2017

Lyceum Alumnus - An Aspiring Law Enforcement Specialist

By Nana Zuke 

A lot of people from all walks of life pursue different things. It is what makes them happy and gives them a sense of fulfilment. Raymond Ramohlale a Lyceum alumnus is constantly in pursuit of getting more knowledge, particularly in relation to the field he is most passionate about.

Raymond studied a National Diploma in Metropolitan and Traffic Policing with Lyceum, a field he has always wanted to get into. He has always wanted to contribute towards making life simpler and safer for ordinary South Africans.

“My passion has always been to practice law enforcement principles,” said Raymond

He is currently working for Lyceum as a Program Administrator. He also tutors students who are studying traffic science from different departments and other organisations. He adds that even though there are many challenges he is faced with in the workplace like any other employee, communication is the best tool that helps him come up with solutions and a way forward.

Though Raymond is a Lyceum employee now, he still remembers his fondest moment from back when he was a student. The highlight for him was getting the best education from a respected and accredited institution. He knew he had a bright future to look forward to.

Another memory that is sewn into his memory was his graduation where he received an award for being the best student in public safety studies and being the overall top achiever. His hard work and commitment to his studies were finally paying off.

Raymond looks forward to becoming a law enforcement specialist one day. To pave a way for his ultimate goal, he continues to further his studies. He is studying an Advanced Diploma in Metropolitan Policing, a Bachelor of Arts in Disaster and Safety Management and a Baccalaureus Technologiae in Forensic Investigation.

Having been a part of Lyceum’s centennials legacy, he had a special message for the college “I feel so proud to be part of this legacy as one of the best students that Lyceum has produced. My hope is that Lyceum continues to provide people with quality education for many more years to come,” said Raymond.

Adding that students who are currently studying already have a great platform with great tools. He said it is up to them to optimise what they are taught for their own self-enrichment because education is the best weapon to fight for a better future. 

To find out more about Lyceum visit

August 01, 2017

Lyceum’s Standard Demonstrated through its Alumni

By Nana Zuke 

“The college itself is practicing on a high level. The communication, the correspondence and assistance was always of top notch,” said Vereesh Shewnarian, a former Lyceum student.

Vereesh studied a Diploma in Metropolitan and Traffic Policing and an Advanced Diploma in Metropolitan and Traffic Policing. It is the quality standard that Lyceum offered that made him keep pursuing his studies with the college.

He is currently a Manager in a Traffic Law Enforcement environment at the KZN Department of Transport. He chose to do that specific course because it was related to his occupation. It is also a profession he has always been passionate about.

The tools he acquired at Lyceum assisted him to ensure the smooth operation of the station, running projects from within the organisation he works for. His studies with Lyceum helped him become proactive and strategic in the way he functions in the work-place.

“I have employed various methods, utilising both the Departments procedures in conjunction with what I studied with Lyceum to ensure results and consistency,” said Vereesh.

The highlight for Vereesh to date has been receiving his National Diploma and getting recognition from the Institution of Transport and Municipal Officers of Southern Africa at their conference in 2016. In addition to achieving his Degree with top status at his age.

“This was such an overwhelming achievement for me since I had finished my matric over 2 decades ago. It is never too late study in pursuit of your dream,” said Vereesh.

What is most memorable about his time of study at Lyceum, was the lecturer’s assistance. They were always dedicated to help me with whatever challenges I faced. In addition, the availability of past question papers and the scope they were given to study with during exam season made studying much more productive.

According to Vereesh, student support was always professional as the student consultants were always ready to meet the expectation of the students.  This afforded the students the chance to achieve top results every time.

Vereesh is currently studying a Post Graduate Diploma in Traffic Policing at Lyceum. By furthering his studies he hopes to go the extra mile in coaching and mentoring his junior staff with the additional skills he will acquire.  His goal now is to be in top management of Traffic Safety and be part of the fight against road carnage in the country.

Lyceum is committed to providing quality education and the best resources that advance students in their studies and professional fields. To find out more visit

August 01, 2017

100 year Lyceum Celebrates it’s Staff

By Nana Zuke 

As the Lyceum one hundred year celebrations continue, there is more to celebrate than the centennial milestone. The staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure that the college gets better and better every year are worth celebrating.

Ordinary people who have worked persistently to remain in sync with the vision of the brand and dedicated their efforts to assist the alumni to get one step closer to the people they envision themselves becoming.

Lyceum staff have worked holistically to push the vision for the college forward and that commitment is the reason why it has constantly evolved and stood the test of time. Accomplishing greater things each year.

Behind every successful team is a leader driving the vision, for Lyceum it is Benjamin van Rooyen.

Benjamin has been part of the Lyceum family for 12 years. He is a Lyceum alumni who studied Traffic Management with the college way back. When he joined the college, he started as Traffic and Police Management’s head of department then became the Academic Manager before being appointed the general manager.

The 62-year-old has witnessed the journey of Lyceum. He has seen it on the verge of being closed down and rise up to be one of the most prestigious colleges in the country.

“Looking back now I would do it all over again, I have no regrets. Some people in life pursue money, for me, it’s more. I want to leave a legacy, give back what I have learnt in my life and mean something to people,” said Benjamin.

The general manager is not the oldest member of the college however, he acknowledges members of his team such as Charmain Harvey and Eunice Sebabo who have been there for a long time. In his words, are the longest serving employees of the Lyceum college.

He adds that the work he does relies greatly on teamwork and his colleagues have been a great support structure. They have ensured that they take the vision he has for the college forward.

“I want to develop people to replace me when I retire and I want to know that they will be great in following in my footsteps. That would be my legacy,” said Benjamin.

According to Benjamin, being part of such a legacy is priceless. Witnessing the transformation and growth of Lyceum has been phenomenal. Overcoming the greatest challenges and celebrating monumental triumphs has all been a reward.

The Lyceum celebration continue. Celebrating the staff, the alumni and all the elements that have made the college thrive over one hundred years.

To find out more about Lyceum visit

August 01, 2017

One On One with Successful Lyceum Graduate

By Nana Zuke 

As part of our centenary celebrations, we explore the exciting journey of our alumni and the successful paths they have embarked on and journeyed towards. These individuals have taken what they learnt and put it into practice in their current careers. Lyceum is proud to acknowledge these graduates and takes pride in helping to celebrate their success.

Edwin Mashabela is a true testament of excellence. He is a Lyceum graduate who has demonstrated leadership qualities and shown excellent execution in the Fleet Management field.

Managing a fleet of an estimated 8000 vehicles, equipment and plants at the City of Ekurhuleni, Edwin said it is a privilege and an honour to be part of the hundred year legacy.

Although Edwin started as a Vehicle Mechanic, he vividly saw himself as a Fleet Manager. This ambition and hunger led to his decision to study through Lyceum in pursuit of his dream career. Many people go through life dissatisfied with their jobs, never realising their true potential, and never following any of their dreams. Edwin was determined not to give up and pursued his passion in Fleet Management.

“I was already working in the fleet department at the City of Ekurhuleni as a Vehicle Mechanic. I needed to become a manager within the same department, so I decided to widen my horizon by getting a formal qualification,” said Edwin.

As a student, he was encouraged by the unwavering academic support provided by lecturers and the Fleet Management HOD. His fellow students, who were working towards the same goal, investing in themselves and their future, also motivated Edwin. This made studying smoother and created a positive morale on campus which was always contagious.

While Edwin fondly remembers the first day he met his colleagues and lecturers, graduation is by far the highlight of his life.

“One of the most valuable assets I’ve received in my lifetime is my Diploma. It is my hard work that paid off; highlighting this achievement on my profile is a must.  I was on my way toward a brighter future and an exciting career,” said Edwin.

Edwin is currently pursuing his Bcom in Transport and Logistics, the next goal is to either become the HOD of Fleet Management or even the Department of Transport.

Admittedly, the field Edwin works in presents many challenges because of its complexity. However, he has found a way to manoeuvre through these adversities by applying his knowledge and leadership skills learnt at Lyceum.

He also shared his message for Lyceum:

“As your former student, I am very happy to be celebrating the centenary with you. We are well aware and witness to Lyceum College’s glorious past, which has attracted admiration and respect from all concerned. I wish the celebration a success and urge you to continue with the struggle in transforming South African society. The college has been at the forefront of rendering great services to people. I wish and hope that this institution will continue to serve its noble purpose for many years to come,” said Edwin. 

With Fleet Management diploma from Lyceum, you can pursue careers in Transport and Logistics Management, Fleet Supervisor, Fleet management and more. To find out about the courses offered at Lyceum visit

August 01, 2017

The benefits of distance learning through Lyceum

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To preserve one's mind intact through a modern college education is a test of courage and endurance. - Ayn Rand

Lyceum is a well-recognised and accredited college that has produced some of the most prominent and successful alumni in the industry. The college is committed to providing quality education to better the lives of people and inspire success. From undergraduates to postgraduates, Lyceum facilitates programmes that are highly-acclaimed and in demand to inspire growth and success. There are countless Lyceum alumni success stories that showcase the impact of the empowerment this College offers.

Our graduates become highly successful in their careers and businesses and commend the college for offering them these qualifications. The unique offer that Lyceum has is higher education through distance learning, the ability to exercise flexible learning while you work and pursue other goals. Lyceum Correspondence offers courses that cultivate your skills and will advance your career to the next level.

Lyceum offers a student the convenience of online enrolment and other features through a student portal which saves time. When the student has enrolled online they receive their study package which consists of study material to embark on the course.

Let’s explore the key benefits that Lyceum College offers through its correspondence.

Learn without restrictive class times or disruptions 

The majority of people prefer distance learning because it works around their list of agendas and means they can master both learning and work or activities that consume their day. You can save time and maximise the flexibility that distance learning brings. You can plan and allocate time that is convenient to study and do assignments.

The good thing about correspondence is that you are not limited to attending lectures in order to pass, you have all the information you need to study available to you.

You can still enjoy your social life 

Distance learning affords you the pleasure of having a social life and still afford time to study and work or run a business. With distance learning you don’t need to turn down all invitations and be consumed by work and studies, you can simply adjust your schedule so that you are flexible to still enjoy life to the fullest.

Study support and attention from qualified tutors 

Distance learning may require you to have a plan and be self-disciplined, but it is not entirely impossible. Lyceum has a student support structure available and offers assistance to students that have queries and needs throughout their studies. The Academic advising centre helps students get the best academic sustenance and make the most of their study process. We have qualified tutors that are available to guide students that need attention and better understanding.

Study at your own pace and still earn 

Distance learning gives learners freedom to learn according to the rules that work for them. This means because they are not needed to attend any classes and are not physically required to learn, they are able to continue with their day-time jobs and business functions.

The benefit is that you can make money and earn while you are studying at the same time. This is beneficial in building your career as a qualification without experience is a disadvantage.

Undergraduate Courses to attract success 

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." - Malcolm X

Lyceum offers in-demand courses for undergraduates that you can enroll for part time. As an undergraduate, you can choose a course that will place you in a sector that has the best prospects.

Lyceum is committed to investing in the growth of individuals by empowering them with the best qualifications.

We have abundant testimonials of alumni whose careers have peaked since studying with Lyceum. The success stories range from alumni securing good jobs, graduates moving to managerial positions and people starting their own business. Whatever plan you have for your career you can achieve it through obtaining a further education with Lyceum. 


About the Author: Khanyie Dlamini
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As a writer in the education sector I am passionate about nurturing people in their careers, wellness and personal growth. I focus on a variety of illuminating topics that are helpful to people’s growth and success. I hope to inspire people to feel motivated to live up to their full potential and know they can have an optimistic and prosperous life. My intention is to contribute to an empowered nation that makes great choices and positive change.

Personally I enjoy the world of fashion and keeping up with the trends. I have great interest in digital trends and the impact of social media in today’s world. I enjoy learning from other creative people. I value having purposeful relationships with people who have great visions that align with my own.

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