November 01, 2012

Traffic Training Programmes

Choose the correct programme!

Lyceum College is the leading provider of traffic training within higher education and is also the largest provider of its kind in the southern hemisphere. All metropolitan police departments and traffic law enforcement agencies require higher education qualifications for promotion. Prospective students must ensure that they enrol for a programme that will enable a candidate to present a qualification that is acknowledged as superior in quality. In order to ensure that you enrol for the correct level programme, check the status of the institution and the accreditation status of the programme. An NQF - Level 6 programme is generally the minimum that will enable a law enforcement practitioner to apply for promotion. NQF - level 4 and 5 programmes, although useful will result in additional years of study. If a learner complies with the minimum entry requirements, it will be worth their while to consider an NQF Level 6 diploma programme. Please contact us if you require further information.

Old ITO Qualifications

Lyceum College has been active in traffic training programmes for many decades. Traffic officers have obtained diplomas long before the advent of the new higher education landscape i.e. SAQA, the CHE, the NQF etc. It is therefore self-explanatory that they will have qualifications that do not have a SAQA number or any indication of the number of credits. This is not unique to Lyceum qualifications, but every institution that offered education prior to the establishment of the National Qualifications Framework. Although by far in the minority, there are human resource practitioners who insist that applicants must produce proof that a specific qualification is SAQA registered and have a credit value.
Qualifications offered before the NQF are not worthless, they merely do not have a credit value in terms of current framework. Lyceum College cannot attach a credit value to the old qualifications.  What we can state categorically is that they are comparable (not equivalent) to the current range of accredited and registered programmes.
Alumni who are of the opinion that they must have an accredited and registered qualification may approach the college with a view of upgrading their status. Each applicant will be assessed individually in terms of the college’s policy on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Upgrade to a 374 Credit Programme. TMPD Learners

Learners who have completed the 300 credit Diploma in Metropolitan and Traffic Policing can upgrade their qualification by enrolling for two additional modules. These modules will be added to your existing academic record to increase the credits to a minimum of 374.
This offer is available to alumni at a specially discounted price. If you are interested, please contact the Academic Manager or the Head of School (Public Safety Studies) for further details.

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