July 21, 2017

A winning Public Relations strategy for business


Public relations refers to the maintenance of a positive public image for a company or organisation. This means managing shared information between the organisation and public 

Through PR as it is popularly known, people have their first encounter with your business. This could happen through your website marketing, media coverage, social media, media resources and contact details that your company provides. The power of public relations in a business can have an impact on the growth and reputation of your company in the industry. It is fundamentally important to invest in this division of your business which affects how your business is perceived. It is pointless to be involved in countless projects, spend on resources, do positive deeds and accomplish company milestones, if nobody knows about it. This must be communicated to the public.

What does a public relations officer do?

The growth of the business can crumble if public relations is not a top priority in your business. A public relations officer’s job is to strategically document and share with the public what your business does. They are there to market what your company is involved in to build the reputation of the business. This positions you to be the highest preference for publications and platforms, as you are seen as a specialist or expert in that field and given good public exposure.

The role of a public relations officer in business

A public relations expert will be your eye on the market. He/she will analyse the trends and progress of competitors. Their feedback and knowledge is valuable to use as part of their strategy to create a good image for your business. A public relations officer is there to ensure that you put out quality content that is a great representation of your business’s values. The perks of having a public relations officer is the insight you get when you consult them in critical business decisions. They can also provide the direction in which the company should go as this will be part of strategising for success. 

When they have taken the time to study a public relations course, this also creates a significant impact on what they do. The qualities to have as a proficient public relations officer is the ability to strategise to make the business expand by communicating with media and other important contacts. The core purpose is you should have is to solely be interested in putting out a good image for your business.

Social media marketing strategy

We can’t ignore the impact social media marketing has on business today, it is just as vital to be on your A-game online. Social media marketing is an essential part of making sure the presence of your business is felt. Social media is an opportunity to take control of the digital conversation people are having about your business. This includes making sure that your social media platforms are set up professionally and create the desired impact through online marketing. News releases are now sent more instantaneously through social media. Using other social media incentives as part of your strategy as a public relations officer is advantageous.

Powerful Reputation management

Your brand does not need a blemish in its credibility, this will be harder to repair and is better avoided. This is why your public relations team needs to work tirelessly every day to protect your business’s reputation. Understanding reputation management is an important part of public relations. There should be methods in place, ready to clear any issues and deal with negativity and attacks that may tarnish the image of the business. 

Target contact list strategy 

When you create a contact list and understand what each contact or platform can do for you, this can enhance the achievement of your marketing strategy. This means knowing which publications and platforms will be suitable to market your business. Having these contacts is vital in spreading press releases and other important content your company that needs to be marketed. This will make your much job easier and effective. When you have a great media contact list as a company creates prospects for referrals, expansion and other investment opportunities.

Use polls and infographics in Content  

Distributing polls and infographics will create desired exposure for your business. The media loves using and sharing polls and infographics provided by companies and other sources. This is simply because they are easy to read, they are visual and are great to use for social media. When your company shares such resources, they are spread on various platforms and this serves as a marketing opportunity. Insightful information that is social media friendly is highly valued in the media space.

Helps you be part of industry events strategically 

Being part of events is a great way to connect with other companies and media specialists for growth. These are the platforms you can use to share exciting news and product offers that your company has lined up and to also share your media kit and other material. PR specialists who understand the advantages of attending industry events will always do best. This can give you first preference in advertising opportunities with businesses and will further grow your business exposure.

To use Influencers as contributors 

This is a trend that is gaining momentum in the PR space, businesses are using influencers to advocate for their brands online. This is because using authentic voices have become an effective strategy to deliver results and companies can leverage the help of influencers to achieve this. You can rely on influencers to supercharge your PR campaigns. Your PR team will determine the most suitable advocate for your business.

Use live video in your marketing strategy 

Your public relations strategy should include using video platforms to maximise the publicity of your business. Live video is currently a top trend that is dominating audience reach, live video is drawing billions of views on Facebook, periscope and other platforms. When you measure the reach in your marketing, you improve on what you deliver in campaigns for maximum reach. This form of marketing appeals to a majority of digital and visual audiences that are mostly on social media. To create a public relations prospectus

As a public relations officer it is vital to recognise, what is put out there strategically can make your company be perceived as the industry expert and a top leader in the field. The importance of public media relations has been elevated as media and the public now have instant access to information on your business through technology. Predictions in the PR industry reveal that public relations will become even more effective through the growing trends that are thriving in the industry.


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Personally I enjoy the world of fashion and keeping up with the trends. I have great interest in digital trends and the impact of social media in today’s world. I enjoy learning from other creative people. I value having purposeful relationships with people who have great visions that align with my own.

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