Gangs and Violence SC

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Gangs and gang related violence have an undeniable negative impact on our community. By learning to use relevant techniques and policies to enable better communication and understanding of how gangs work, you can improve crime prevention systems that will show results.

This short learning programme will provide the knowledge to make this possible.

The programme duration is 6
 month minimum.

Students could pursue any of the following career fields:

  • Traffic law enforcement
  • Policing
  • Security industry

Upon successful completion of your programme, you will receive a certificate depicting: – Certificate of Competence in Addressing Gangs and Violence and an academic transcript. These documents will be issued once you have successfully completed the programme, provided that your account is in order.It is the learners responsibility to ensure they meet all the programme requirements before a qualification can be issued.

  • Be competent in the English language.
  • Have general, theoretical, academic and practical professional knowledge and understanding accomplished at least NQF level 5.
  • For full details on minimum requirements, contact the College

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