Bachelor of Arts in Disaster and Safety Management

SAQA ID: 91934, NQF: LEVEL 7 (CREDITS: 360)

Are you the type of person who feels compassion and concern for the people? Prepare to skill up and serve humanity in the public eye. 

Course Objectives

Lyceum’s School of Public Safety Studies is at the forefront of training and education in the field of public safety. The role that disaster and safety management plays in the society cannot be underestimated. Major catastrophes worldwide, have accentuated the importance of disaster management i e.  to safeguard and protect human lives and property. Occupational Health and Safety is also a sensitive issue, which in the industrialised environment precipitates certain risks that may affect negatively on society. The primary role of agencies and individuals specialising in disaster and safety management is to cope with disasters within a predetermined framework. These agencies and individuals coordinate and plan for natural and man-made disasters. In essence, this means a working relationship with all relevant public sector agencies and non-governmental organisations at national, provincial and local levels that include the police, emergency services, public health officials, charities and numerous private agencies.  The development of professional practitioners in the field of disaster and safety management is a pre-requisite to ensure that the country copes adequately with disasters and industrialised incidents.

Many practitioners in both the private and public sectors may want to acquire a formal qualification in disaster and safety management to augment their performance in this specialised field. Disasters are an international phenomenon acquiring the assistance of all role players’ involved, irrespective culture and/or borders. Recent international disasters are a practical example of cross border assistance. Safety in the workplace is of equal importance, as the health and economical system of the country may be affected, especially in the event of major incidents. This necessitates international cooperation, liaison and information sharing. This program is developed to focus on these issues.

The Bachelor of Arts in Disaster and Safety Management is a NQF - level 7 programme that has been developed to provide learners with specific knowledge and competencies to ensure that graduates are prepared for the challenges of a career in this exiting and specialised field.

Lyceum College is a leading provider of training to the law enforcement fraternity and the addition of this program is seen as a natural extension of its services to practitioners in a closely related profession.  

Lyceum’s Commitment

Lyceum’s School of Public Safety Studies is at the forefront of training and education in the field of Public Safety.  Our degree programmes are uniquely structured by professionals in the field to meet the demands of the South African Society.  We are committed to ensuring our students are equipped with industry relevant skills and gain comprehensive knowledge to make a valuable contribution in South Africa and succeed in their chosen career.

Careers You Can Pursue

Learners could pursue a career as a:

  • Disaster Management Specialist/Practitioner
  • Operations Risk Officer
  • Local Government Disaster Management
  • Construction and Mine Safety

Gaining Entrance

To study this course, you will need to meet the following requirements:

The minimum entry requirement is a National Senior Certificate OR equivalent as prescribed by law.  

Length of Time

Minimum - Three (3) years of study (part-time)

Maximum - Six (6) years of study (part-time)


Upon successful completion of this programme, you will receive a:

Bachelor of Arts in Disaster & Safety Management.

Contents of Course

First Year Subjects NQF Level Credits
General Management 5 20
Disaster Management 1 5 20
Occupational Health and Safety 5 20
Interpretation of Disaster Management Legislation 5 16
Electives (Select 1):    
• Public Law 5 20
• Local Government Management 1 5 20
• Construction Safety 1 5 20
Second Year Subjects NQF Level Credits
Information and Communication Technology 6 24
Disaster Management 2 6 24
Occupational Health and Safety 2 6 24
Events Risk Management 6 24
Incident Management 6 24
Electives (Select 1):    
• Media Relations for Disaster Management Practitioners 6 24
• Project Management 6 24
• Construction Safety 2 6 24
Third Year Subjects NQF Level Credits
Disaster Management 3 7 24
Occupational Health and Safety 3 7 24
Disaster Risk Reduction and Development 7 24
Crowd Management 7 24
Electives (Select 1):    
• Introduction to Research 7 24
• Corporate Social Responsibility 7 24
• Mine Safety 7 24
  Total Credits 360

Learning Material

Your study material will be supplied in a choice of formats (digital only or a combination of printed and digital format).  Prescribed textbooks are excluded and must be procured by the student.  Please see: (Terms and Conditions)

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