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Diploma in Grade R Teaching

NQF Level 6 (Minimum Total Credits: 376)


Once you have successfully completed this programme, you will be awarded a Lyceum College Diploma in Grade R Teaching.

Programme Type

3 year Diploma

Course Prospects

Lyceum College has a proud history in Teacher Education, and there have been some truly remarkable years of Teacher Training in the past. Now, Lyceum College is back with a new Foundation Phase qualification: The Diploma in Grade R Teaching. If you’ve been wandering about the credentials of the Diploma Grade R; it has met all the requirements of the DoHET and CHE.

The Diploma in Grade R teaching is a series of new qualifications initiated by the Department of Higher Education and Training. It is an initial teaching qualification for the beginner teacher. The primary purpose of this qualification is to empower teachers with the appropriate skills and knowledge to curriculate, and to optimise any teaching-learning situation. 

Two special features of the Diploma Grade R will be the distance mode of delivery which makes it accessible to teachers in remote areas of the country, and the work-integrated-learning component of the curriculum. The Diploma will be offered with a difference - the difference being, that much of the focus will be on the work-integrated-learning aspect. Teachers that graduate will be equipped and skilled to do pre-reading with the grade Rs, storytelling, story listening and talking about sounds, just to mention a few. Empowering children to read enables them to express themselves verbally as well in the written form. Another important aspect that will be addressed in the curriculum will be ‘arithmetic’ - the science of numbers.

Entrance Requirements

The minimum entry requirement therefore for the Dip (Grade R Teaching) will be a matriculation certificate with a diploma entry endorsement or equivalent. A Level 4 or 5 Certificate or Diploma in ECD may also be presented for admission and assessment pertaining to advanced credit standing (MRTEQ, 2011).

Programme Duration

The minimum duration to complete the qualifications will be 3 years.

Course Contents

1A. IsiZulu as a First Additional Language, or
1B. Afrikaans as a First Additional Language. 
2A. IsiZulu as a First Additional Language Methodology, or
2B. Afrikaans as a First Additional Language Methodology. 
3. Life Skills 1
4. Introduction to Educational Studies
5. Early Childhood Education in South Africa 
6. Teaching and Learning in Grade R
7. Practice Teaching (WIL)

8A. English as Language of Learning and Teaching, ór
8B. Afrikaans as Language of Learning and Teaching, ór 
8C. IsiZulu as Language of Learning and Teaching.
9A. IsiZulu as a Conversational Language, or
9C. Afrikaans as a Conversational Language. 
10. Grade R Observation Teaching Practice 
11. Grade R Classroom Management
12. The Study of the Practice of Teaching 

13. Mathematics 1
14. Mathematics Methodology
15. English as a First Additional Language 
16. English as a First Additional Language Methodology
17. Life Skills Methodology 
18. Philosophy of Education 
19. Educational Psychology 1

20A. IsiZulu as a First language, ór
20B. Afrikaans as a First Language, ór
20C. English as a First Language.
21A. IsiZulu as a First Language Methodology, ór
21B. Afrikaans as a First Language Methodology, ór
21C. English as a First Language Methodology
22. Legislation and Child Rights
23. Mathematics 2
24. Life Skills 2
25. Curriculum Studies 
26. Practice Teaching (WIL)

27. Young Children in a Multi-cultural Perspective
28. Mathematics 3
29. Life Skills 3
30. Professional Ethics
31. Educational Psychology 2
32. Professional Development

33. Families in Cultural Context
34. Computer Practice for Teachers
35. Practice Teaching (WIL)
36. Perspectives in Education
37. Social Sciences


Assessments will consist of:

* An assignment with a weighting of 20% towards the final assessment.
* An examination with a weighting of 80% towards the final assessment.

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