Diploma in Management: Cost and Management Accounting

SAQA ID 62949, NQF 6 (360 Credits)


Once you have successfully completed this programme, you will be awarded a Lyceum College Diploma in Management: Cost and Management Accounting

Programme Type

3 Year Diploma

Course Prospects

The primary focus of this programme is on internal organisational analysis techniques and concepts. The programme provides an objective understanding of controllable factors in a company’s operations, which help in strategic decision-making. The qualification aims to provide knowledge of management accounting, together with the ability to provide financial and non-financial information to management for cost accounting, planning and controlling as well as strategic decision-making. 

Proper management of costs will help companies realise their financial objectives and it is through the study of cost and management accounting that this can be achieved.

Entrance Requirements

Grade 12 Certificate/National Senior Certificate, or any equivalent qualification as prescribed.

Programme Duration

Minimum: 3 years
Maximum: 6 years

Course Contents

First year

Business Communication NQF 5
Concepts of Management Computing NQF 5
Management I NQF 5
Financial Accounting I NQF 5
Business Law NQF 5
Cost Management Accounting I NQF 5

Second year

Strategy and Problem Solving NQF 6
Management II NQF 6
Project Management NQF 6
Economics NQF 6
Financial Accounting II NQF 6
Cost and Management Accounting II NQF 6

Third year

Management III NQF 7
Business Research NQF 6
Financial Accounting III NQF 7
Cost and Management Accounting III NQF 7

*For recognition with the Institute of Accounting and Commerce (IAC), the following subjects must be completed in addition to the subjects above:

Internal Auditing I NQF 5
Internal Auditing II NQF 6
Corporate Law NQF 6
Taxation NQF 6


Formative: One assignment must be completed for every subject.
Summative: One examination must be written for every subject.

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