Business Training College

Diploma in Public Administration

(NQF Level 6, minimum credits 360, SAQA ID: 73496)


Once you have successfully completed this programme, you will be awarded a Lyceum College Diploma in Public Administration.

Programme Type

3 year Diploma

Course Prospects

The field of Public Administration needs competent practitioners who have the knowledge and skills needed to improve quality standards, increase productivity levels, and address performance requirements.
This programme will provide you with the range of managerial and administrative skills that will allow you to grow in the public sector. It is primarily directed at people with some management knowledge or experience in disciplines such as local government management, public management or public law.

Entrance Requirements

Grade 12 – Senior Certificate, or any equivalent qualification as prescribed.

Programme Duration

Minimum: 3 years
Maximum: 6 years

Course Contents

First year:

General Management I NQF 5
Business Communication I NQF 5
Local Government Management I NQF 5
Public Management I NQF 5
Public Personnel Management I NQF 5

(Select one of the following)

Business Mathematics NQF 5
Concepts of Management Computing NQF 5
Management Principles and Techniques NQF 5
Public Relations I NQF 5

Second year:

Public Personnel Management II NQF 6
Public Management II NQF 6
Project Management I NQF 6
Local Government Management II NQF 6

(Select two of the following)

Disaster Management I NQF 6
Public Relations II NQF 6
Business Ethics NQF 6

Third year:

Public Personnel Management III NQF 7
Public Management III NQF 7
Public Law NQF 7

(Select two of the following)

Corporate Social Responsibility NQF 7
Disaster Management II NQF 7
Labour Relations NQF 7



Formative: One assignment must be completed for every subject.
Summative: One examination must be written for every subject.

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